Fishing is the best

The dependence of fish biting on the weather
Each angler determines his own factors for biting. Experienced fishermen are based on personal experience of observing the weather, analyzing their records, observing nature, communicating with colleagues, and what else.…

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The hunter's imprisonment
In its variety of fishing methods, winter fishing is by no means inferior to open-water fishing. Bales, balancers, zherlitsy, mormyshki: all these tackles are very popular among Ukrainian fishermen. Fishing…

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Features catching carp float fishing rod
During the summer period, a crucian is caught using mainly a float rod. This allows, with minimal noise, to cast bait under a coastal bush or hanging tree branches where…

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Fishing in august

Still warm but cool in the evening
Gradually, the summer heat subsides. At first it is almost imperceptible, but it will rain – and day by day the coolness will become more insistent. In the meantime, a clear and hot August is a welcome time. This month, bread is harvested. Hot midday hot breathes all the herbs, dry lands and ravines have not yet burnt out.
The coolest time of the day is observed before the morning dawn, although it is fresh throughout the night.
In the lowlands and floodplains, fog spreads in the evening, wrapping herbs, bushes and trees. Abundant dew then long kept on mature greenery. Despite the coolness of the night, the days are set clear, warm.
Summer is gradually leaving. Evenings are now short, it takes longer to wait for the morning. But how bright and cheerful it is in the deep August sky! As if autumn is not expected. Continue reading

Fishing in still water

What is different fishing in stagnant water
First of all, it was noticed that the fish in a closed reservoir does not hold in one place, as is typical for rivers. If river dwellers adapt to the speed of water movement, the depth, then with only one goal – to fill the belly with smaller brethren or vegetable food that carries current. In the reservoir, the goals are the same, conditions change. Flocks of fish, drawn by collective instinct, migrate after their moving food. The flocks of insects that lay off their offspring at the upper water edge, small representatives of the river fauna accumulated at the bottom, and other local cereal places.
It is very important to know the relief of the bottom and the individual preferences of the fish for which you are prepared to communicate. Continue reading

Fishing in june

June – spit on fish – many fishermen know this proverb. And indeed, if you think logically, after spring spawning, the fish needs to recover. She, as they say, is sick. But, based on my own experience, I can say one thing – you can catch fish at any time of the year, including in June, with any gear. My only advice about fishing in June is to fish at this time of the year more at the rates, moreover, look for shallow lakes where the water has already managed to warm up for a long time. I do not know about carp, cupid, etc., but you catch some crucian carp. And this is so unpretentious fish that you can catch it absolutely in any weather. The crucian carp is not as dramatic as a carp, experiencing a water recession, is not tied to any specific food, therefore, dear fishermen, catch crucian carps in June (in my opinion one of the most delicious fish). Continue reading

July fishing

July is probably the very month of the summer season, when the sun is warming with all its might. For a fisherman, this month can be described as not the best when you can count on a rich catch. Everything is explained quite simply. The upper layers of the water surface are heated to temperatures that are not comfortable for the fish, the more so this manifests itself in places of shallow water. As a result, almost all the fish goes to a depth, or lives in places where there are a large number of bottom springs. In the afternoon, when there is a quiet hot weather, in most cases it is not necessary to count on a good catch. Therefore, fishing in the July days will be more practical if the day is rainy and overcast. Also the best time for fishing in July will be the morning hours, when the sunrise is just rising. Continue reading

Fishing is the best outdoor recreation.

It is known that many men are happy to spend time on the beach with a fishing rod. Fishing for not only the process of catching fish, but the opportunity to relax and forget about the problems, hide from the eyes of others, merge with nature. Our country is incredibly rich …
It is known that many men are happy to spend time on the beach with a fishing rod. Fishing for not only the process of catching fish, but the opportunity to relax and forget about the problems, hide from the eyes of others, merge with nature. Our country is incredibly rich in huge and small water bodies, lakes and rivers, in which the most diverse fish swims.
Undoubtedly, the Astrakhan region is considered the best place for fishing, there even the most unlucky fisherman will catch the catch. The rivers are full of fish of different varieties, the Volga River is particularly famous. Continue reading

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