Fishing is the best

With son on fishing
What do modern children do in their free time? They spend a huge amount of time in front of the TV, computer monitor or gadget in their hands. And at…

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Fishing in the Khabarovsk Territory
The Khabarovsk Territory is a corner of our country, clean from industrial pollution, with magnificent forests and transparent rivers. Fishing is practiced in mountain rivers, on the Amur coast, and…

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Korean winter fishing
Recently, one of the good friends of the site returned from a business trip to South Korea. Since he is an avid angler, in spite of the frosty season,…

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To make fishing fun

Ice fishing – a popular form of recreation in our country. However, people do not always know how to organize it. Ice fishing requires particularly strict adherence to the rules of behavior.
When planning a fishing trip, warn family or friends about your whereabouts and return time. Be sure to bring along a mobile phone and a life jacket. Try not to go fishing one by one – a friend will always hedge in case of an emergency. Continue reading

How to lure fish in the winter?

Many, going on winter fishing, must take with them bait in the form of boiled cereals, mixes. Everyone prepares such bait depending on the fish to which the fisherman is going. Most often such a fish in the winter is roach, bream, perch, white bream, blue bream, dace. And the most popular bait in this case is the cake from sunflower seeds. But is such a bait so effective?
The first mistake of the fisher – many consider sunflower cake universal bait. It really is. Most fish react very well to it. But, nevertheless, each fish still chooses a special bait.
Cake for bait in the winter
If you went fishing for more or less large fish, then sunflower oilcake is not suitable here. He has the ability to collect around him small fish, which will jam the bite of large specimens. The same applies to breadcrumbs – they also collect small change to the place that was fed up. Nibble will not be bad, but the quality of the fish will be better. Continue reading

The dependence of fish biting on the weather

Each angler determines his own factors for biting. Experienced fishermen are based on personal experience of observing the weather, analyzing their records, observing nature, communicating with colleagues, and what else. For successful fishing you should try to take into account all possible natural factors. To compare them and, making sure that nature is favorable to the angler, you can safely go fishing.
And since fishing cannot be all clear and well known, the topic of weather conditions requires constant addition and search for new truths. Let’s try to understand them. Continue reading

Fish hook Owner Worm SP-BH

In Ukraine, perhaps, the most famous and popular company producing hooks is Owner. It is about this manufacturer say when it comes to good quality hooks. Although even in proven stores it is often possible to find a fake under this brand, but still there are “real” hooks, and their quality continues to delight many.
The severity of Ovner products is very good. Most importantly, high-quality wire gives really great durability to the sharpness of hooks. Some fishermen believe that they are dulled more slowly than products of other manufacturers. But the price is slightly higher than the competition. The most prestigious models of hooks are supplied with other, more expensive packaging. Although the quality they are no different from the same models in simple bags. Continue reading

Fishing? Intellectual challenge!

Carp fishing is a science. Carp – smart fish and extremely capricious. Karpfishing as an elite type of sport fishing is now very popular. To say: “Catch fish!” Is easy, but to catch … About the features and wisdom of carp fishing I speak with the candidate of the master of sports in sport fishing, the champion of Khakassia in carp fishing Denis ASOCHAKOV.
– Have you been keen on carping for a long time?
– Carp fishing for me and hobby, and sport. I have been doing it for ten years, although I have been fishing since childhood.
– Are there many such fishermen in Khakassia? Continue reading

Secrets of catching lin
Basically, in rivers and other water bodies, lines reach a weight of 600 grams, but there are individuals that weigh up to two kilograms. Identifying tench is easy enough. Lin…


Ice screws - an important element of the fisherman’s winter outfit
In the run-up to winter, many experienced fishermen and amateurs face a difficult task, namely, the choice and purchase of an ice drill. This element of the winter outfit can…


Fishing is the best outdoor recreation.
It is known that many men are happy to spend time on the beach with a fishing rod. Fishing for not only the process of catching fish, but the opportunity…