Fishing? Intellectual challenge!
Carp fishing is a science. Carp - smart fish and extremely capricious. Karpfishing as an elite type of sport fishing is now very popular. To say: “Catch fish!” Is easy,…

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With spinning on the Pechenegs
For many fishing enthusiasts, being with spinning on the Pechenezh reservoir in the period of the autumn predator predator is a cherished dream. Therefore, having phoned friends, we decided to…

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Tips on choosing a used outboard motor
When buying a device such as a boat motor, do not rush. Especially if this product is used, there is no unambiguous advice when choosing such motors, but there are…

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successful fishing

Fish hook Owner Worm SP-BH

In Ukraine, perhaps, the most famous and popular company producing hooks is Owner. It is about this manufacturer say when it comes to good quality hooks. Although even in proven stores it is often possible to find a fake under this brand, but still there are “real” hooks, and their quality continues to delight many.
The severity of Ovner products is very good. Most importantly, high-quality wire gives really great durability to the sharpness of hooks. Some fishermen believe that they are dulled more slowly than products of other manufacturers. But the price is slightly higher than the competition. The most prestigious models of hooks are supplied with other, more expensive packaging. Although the quality they are no different from the same models in simple bags. Continue reading

How to fish a fish?

What angler does not dream of catching a big fish? Such that fishing will be remembered for many years, and maybe even for a lifetime. It is the process of pulling out can be the culmination of all fishing, and how the angler will manage the rod, the reel, his experience and whether his trophy will be on the beach or not.
When fishing on the top of the carp or other carp tackle, there are frequent cases of catching large carp, and the process of hauling fish can take a lot of time. Depending on the fishing conditions, hatching, for example, a five-kilogram carp may take ten minutes, twenty or even more. Here is the main experience. Well, he, as you know, comes with time, with torn gears and shouts of disappointment. In order to acquire this invaluable experience and learn how to properly feel the fish and the capabilities of the gear used, first of all, we need practice and of course some theory. Here’s a theory today and talk. Continue reading

Diamond cut

Caranx is a fish from the order of perciformes, family of mackerel. Residents of the Hawaiian Islands consider this underwater resident a symbol of courage and unprecedented strength. Why? It’s very simple – when fishermen catch this fish, it starts to fight and resist what they have. To do this, she wriggles in circular motions and tries to go under the water.
Karanks live in the waters of the Red Sea, as well as near the coast of Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. A large number of giant quranks live off the Hawaiian islands and off the coast of Africa. Another name for this fish: carambisi, jack, king-fish, ulus, turum.
What does the giant quranx look like?
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With son on fishing
What do modern children do in their free time? They spend a huge amount of time in front of the TV, computer monitor or gadget in their hands. And at…


July fishing
July is probably the very month of the summer season, when the sun is warming with all its might. For a fisherman, this month can be described as not the…


To make fishing fun
Ice fishing - a popular form of recreation in our country. However, people do not always know how to organize it. Ice fishing requires particularly strict adherence to the rules…