How to fish a fish?
What angler does not dream of catching a big fish? Such that fishing will be remembered for many years, and maybe even for a lifetime. It is the process of…

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Equipment for winter fishing
Backpack and fishing box The choice of a backpack or box should be approached with special responsibility. If your choice fell on a backpack, then it should be not only…

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Fishing in june
June - spit on fish - many fishermen know this proverb. And indeed, if you think logically, after spring spawning, the fish needs to recover. She, as they say, is…

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finding the right

To make fishing fun

Ice fishing – a popular form of recreation in our country. However, people do not always know how to organize it. Ice fishing requires particularly strict adherence to the rules of behavior.
When planning a fishing trip, warn family or friends about your whereabouts and return time. Be sure to bring along a mobile phone and a life jacket. Try not to go fishing one by one – a friend will always hedge in case of an emergency. Continue reading

Match Fishing Tips

The material contains answers to frequently asked questions by young anglers. The topics discussed will be of interest to those who already have the experience and skills of fishing. Difference of opinion on the same question helps to find useful truth.
Which match rod (light, medium, heavy) is better for fishing on the river, if you catch bream, roach or line?
How to choose a coil to match the fishing rod, so as not to spoil the line?
If there are three identical floats of different weight, which one will be more sensitive?
Is there a relationship between the internal diameter of the shock absorber, which is equipped with a rod and the size of the fish you plan to catch?
Catching a plug into the drive requires a large amount of free space for detachable knees and other equipment. Standing in the water, it will be a torment. The only option is to catch from a long and wide bridge. Fishing for match fishing rod
Which match rod (light, medium, heavy) is better for fishing on the river, if you catch bream, roach or line? Continue reading

Features catching carp float fishing rod

During the summer period, a crucian is caught using mainly a float rod. This allows, with minimal noise, to cast bait under a coastal bush or hanging tree branches where fish likes to feed. However, the success of fishing will depend on a variety of factors associated with the choice of location, gear preparation and selection of baits.
We select and set up the float fishing rod for crucian
So, a rich catch will be provided, if responsibly mounted gear. For fishing carp fit: plug, match, fly rod. The rod is selected depending on the conditions of the reservoir and the conditions of fishing.
If you plan to catch a crucian carcass at a distance of 2-3 meters from the coast, for example, in thickets of reeds and other coastal vegetation, then a fly fishing rod with a length of up to four meters will be preferable. Continue reading

Diamond cut
Caranx is a fish from the order of perciformes, family of mackerel. Residents of the Hawaiian Islands consider this underwater resident a symbol of courage and unprecedented strength. Why? It's…


I want to go fishing for white fish
We decided to go fishing for white fish. What does white fish mean? Fishermen call white fish a fish that feeds mainly on vegetable food and is caught mostly on…


How to limit the casting distance spinning?
Whatever type of fishing we would use, sooner or later the question of the accuracy of the casting of tackles will arise. When catching bottom gear (with the help of…