Fishing line
In order to catch a line, it is necessary to choose areas on the border between thickets of reeds or reeds and clear water, shallow, moderately overgrown bays, windows among…

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Features catching carp float fishing rod
During the summer period, a crucian is caught using mainly a float rod. This allows, with minimal noise, to cast bait under a coastal bush or hanging tree branches where…

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10 tips on how to jig perch!
Many fishermen catch pike perch from the shore with silicone baits, but some of them make mistakes. To avoid missteps and make fishing on a striped predator more productive and…

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The dependence of fish biting on the weather

Each angler determines his own factors for biting. Experienced fishermen are based on personal experience of observing the weather, analyzing their records, observing nature, communicating with colleagues, and what else. For successful fishing you should try to take into account all possible natural factors. To compare them and, making sure that nature is favorable to the angler, you can safely go fishing.
And since fishing cannot be all clear and well known, the topic of weather conditions requires constant addition and search for new truths. Let’s try to understand them. Continue reading

We catch spring pike

Spring is the best time to catch pike. During the winter, the fish became hungry and became very active, while forgetting about caution. At first it may seem that wherever you put your gear, there will be a bite everywhere, but not everything is so simple. It is during the spring months that spawning occurs, and then the pike does not react even to the most “tasty” and attractive lures.
When is the pike and its behavior pecking?
The ideal time is the beginning of March. Rivers and streams are freed from ice, the water is filled with oxygen, and the spawning time has not yet come, and then the fish bite on almost any bait.
The advantage of fishing at such a time is the absence of hot sun, mosquitoes and midges.
Before spawning, the fish is aggressive and very hungry after a long winter, with great eagerness it takes even not very high-quality and cheap bait, because before the appearance of offspring one must have time to satisfy his hunger. Continue reading

Winter fishing roach

A dace is a schooling fish and its search can be crowned with success only with good knowledge of the reservoir, habits of this fish, features of fishing and many other nuances. In the summer, it is much easier to find roach, because the fish is active and constantly in search of food. In winter, things are a little different.
When the temperature of the upper layer of water drops to 4 degrees, the fish breaks up into dense flocks and goes to the wintering pits. The pit can be from 4 meters to 15, and in very large bodies of water up to 30 meters. It should be noted that the larger the area has a reservoir, the harder it is to find fish in it. And here we come to the aid of the modern miracle of technology – the echo sounder. If one is not available, then you have to search manually, which will be discussed further. Continue reading

Fishing in august
Still warm but cool in the evening Gradually, the summer heat subsides. At first it is almost imperceptible, but it will rain - and day by day the coolness will…


As fishing in the wiring for bream turned into a hunt
It was in July. My friend and I decided to go to the river for bream. We got up early, about three o'clock, took the boat and went fishing. Since…


Fish hook Owner Worm SP-BH
In Ukraine, perhaps, the most famous and popular company producing hooks is Owner. It is about this manufacturer say when it comes to good quality hooks. Although even in proven…