How to lure fish in the winter?
Many, going on winter fishing, must take with them bait in the form of boiled…

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Preparing for spring carp fishing
Probably everyone knows these principles of spring fishing. But today we will try to talk…

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Fishing in june
June - spit on fish - many fishermen know this proverb. And indeed, if you…

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Secrets of catching lin
Basically, in rivers and other water bodies, lines reach a weight of 600 grams, but…


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Insect fishing nozzle

In nature, there are countless insects, of which a significant part in one or another phase of development can be used as a good nozzle when fishing. This review includes only some species of insects that have been tested as a bait by the experience of many anglers and are found in large numbers.
Fisherman, in addition to the name of insects, it is useful to get acquainted with their biological nature, with the development of the insect during the entire life cycle. This will allow you to know the time and methods of extraction and use of not only the species described in the review, but also other insects useful in fishing.
Upon completion of development in the egg, i.e. the embryonic phase, hatching occurs; from this point on, the insect enters the second stage of its development – the larva phase, from which the post-embryonic, or postembryonic, period begins. Continue reading

We catch spring pike

Spring is the best time to catch pike. During the winter, the fish became hungry and became very active, while forgetting about caution. At first it may seem that wherever you put your gear, there will be a bite everywhere, but not everything is so simple. It is during the spring months that spawning occurs, and then the pike does not react even to the most “tasty” and attractive lures.
When is the pike and its behavior pecking?
The ideal time is the beginning of March. Rivers and streams are freed from ice, the water is filled with oxygen, and the spawning time has not yet come, and then the fish bite on almost any bait.
The advantage of fishing at such a time is the absence of hot sun, mosquitoes and midges.
Before spawning, the fish is aggressive and very hungry after a long winter, with great eagerness it takes even not very high-quality and cheap bait, because before the appearance of offspring one must have time to satisfy his hunger. Continue reading

Ice screws – an important element of the fisherman’s winter outfit

In the run-up to winter, many experienced fishermen and amateurs face a difficult task, namely, the choice and purchase of an ice drill. This element of the winter outfit can be attributed to the main fishing accessories. Why?
Choice of ice screw
Firstly, the fisherman will simply have nothing to do on the pond if he does not have an ice drill. Without it, even an experienced angler will not be able to drill a hole. Of course, you can borrow an ice drill for a while from your comrades, but this is not a solution either.
Secondly, given our climatic conditions, the fisherman will be forced to miss the entire winter season, if he does not have ice screws. Continue reading