Inflatable boat. Proper storage - the key to good health!
If the inflatable swimming craft is not properly stored, its operational life will be significantly reduced. This is due to the imminent emergence of not only multiple failures in the…

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What to put on the coil? What is the difference between fishing line and braid?
For many decades, fishermen from all over the world caught on a nylon fishing line and were quite pleased. But as they say - progress does not stand still. Not…

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The dependence of fish biting on the weather
Each angler determines his own factors for biting. Experienced fishermen are based on personal experience of observing the weather, analyzing their records, observing nature, communicating with colleagues, and what else.…

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received general

Nature and types of water bodies in central Sweden

The central part of the country consists mainly of forests and agricultural areas. Most of the territory is a plain, in particular in the region of the largest lakes of the country – Vänern, Vättern, Elmarin and Mälaren. Then the nature gradually changes, and the plain gives way to the forest. The whole of central Sweden is distinguished by a great diversity of nature and water bodies, which guarantees successful, diverse fishing.
In the large lakes of central Sweden – Mälaren, Elmarin, Vättern, Vänern – allowed
fishing sports methods.
Characteristics of reservoirs
Central Sweden has it all: from many thousands of small forest lakes to countless large and small nutrient-rich plain lakes.
Large rivers Clarelven and Dahalven flow through central Sweden, on the border of central and northern Sweden the Jusnan river flows. Dahlälven flows from northwest to southeast and flows into the Baltic Sea about 150 kilometers north of Stockholm. Continue reading

Fishing in still water

What is different fishing in stagnant water
First of all, it was noticed that the fish in a closed reservoir does not hold in one place, as is typical for rivers. If river dwellers adapt to the speed of water movement, the depth, then with only one goal – to fill the belly with smaller brethren or vegetable food that carries current. In the reservoir, the goals are the same, conditions change. Flocks of fish, drawn by collective instinct, migrate after their moving food. The flocks of insects that lay off their offspring at the upper water edge, small representatives of the river fauna accumulated at the bottom, and other local cereal places.
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With spinning on the Pechenegs

For many fishing enthusiasts, being with spinning on the Pechenezh reservoir in the period of the autumn predator predator is a cherished dream. Therefore, having phoned friends, we decided to make this dream a reality, and one Sunday, Lyoshin BMW was already racing along the highway in the direction of the village Martovoe. Fishermen come here for a perch, if you are lucky, you can even hook the ship. Quickly pumping up the boats and loading our spinning with micro jig twisterochki we went to conquer the expanses of the Pechenezhskaya water plain. Alexey, being the owner of a boat with a motor, towed us to the other side of the reservoir: it was less windy there, and the places were more interesting and deeper. Continue reading

Fishing in the winter. How to catch a chub?
Summer is considered to be the best time to catch a chub, however, with the right approach, it is possible to catch this fish even in winter, when the reservoir…


Features catching carp float fishing rod
During the summer period, a crucian is caught using mainly a float rod. This allows, with minimal noise, to cast bait under a coastal bush or hanging tree branches where…


With son on fishing
What do modern children do in their free time? They spend a huge amount of time in front of the TV, computer monitor or gadget in their hands. And at…